Daily Journal – Mind And Soul Freedom

If death comes to all, is it possible to die prematurely? I thought our lives were in God’s hand.

Pain, embrace it. It reminds you that you are mortal.

The best gift you can give yourself: The present moment (Meditations – Marcus Aurelius).

They that accuse you, curse you, physically hit you which might hurt, can never damage your spirit and mind.

A mind without lust, desires, and without covet is a fortress (Meditations -Marcus Aurelius). The mind is clear and in the present moment, understanding and clarity are at their best performance.

When wanting to have sex with a girl…don’t ask how you can have sex with her…instead ask how I can remove my desire to have sex with her (Meditations – Marcus Aurelius).

The mind wants to wonder away from the present. It wants go to distance places instead of here and now. The mind is used for perceiving not to lose itself in vain imaginations.

We all, mankind, have an enemy. An enemy that was created at the beginning of time, an enemy that has an army of powerful beings. A fallen angel who was expelled from the highest heaven along with his followers whom have been deceived by their leader.

Our thoughts are not our own, only those that we create. We receive thoughts either by the Spirit of God or by demonic spirit and it is your responsibility to know the difference.

Today, I am new person without desires, lusts, or covetousness.

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