Covetousness And Gifts

Covetousness, what an ill substance in the mind. Reject it, reject the good and the bad covetousness.

It’s better to live in content and better to live in the present moment, every precious moment. Be still and the know your God whom provides your every need.

You want growth and expansion? Have peace with yourself and your household, and the rest of your activities and work will reap the fruits of your peace.

Desires of the heart bring my mind, soul, and body into a state of frenzy because I can’t have what I want. Therefore I renounce all pleasures and desires so that I may be at peace with myself, and I will be still and know that God provides for all my needs.

No man can gain unless it is given to him/her. A gift is not asked for or begged for, a gift is a surprise and you receive it with thanksgiving.

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