When Life Knocks You Down

Instead of quivering down and kicking yourself for the circumstances that you have no control of. Stand, rise up and keep pushing forward until you feel the break through. The breakthrough first is in the unseen and the second breakthrough is in the physical world. Be determined! For winning and success is in the inner most parts of your being, first.

Now, go within and find the answers. Search in all areas of your lives. Come back stronger, healthier, intelligent, and powerful. Go within and come back with skills and abilities you need in order to succeed in this plane of life. Everything and all the answers you need are within your Soul and Spirit, all you have to do is do the work and search for them. It’s simple although it takes practice. You can do all things through your Spirit and Soul, go and seek, and take everything you need. For this life is only a dream that can be altered to the way you wish it too.

Don’t allow the people around you to confuse you by their suggestions or questions of doubts. Their spoken words are the reflections of their inner being, and not your reflection. The wrong side of Life and the broken souls within it can only drag you down or take you anywhere else besides your destiny. So be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you may know to manage life and people according to your abilities. Once you master this plateau, you raise above the struggles of life, rat race, or whatever this pain of life is called.

So keep going, continue through your personal goals until you reach them!

Pour Life Into Your Spirit

Are we not ever living? Can’t you feel the power within when inspiration is stirred in your spirit? Can you feel the fire that never quenches but builds up when it is acknowledged?

There’s more to us than we are aware of. There’s more to us than the television tells, there’s more to us than what society tells, there’s more to us than what the mega churches tell us. We are more than what we tell ourselves!

We are the power that created life itself!

Remember who you are.

Works By Hands Are Dead A Greater Power Is Needed

Many of us, regular people, simple people, strive and toil for the good things in life: Nice homes, cars, clothes, goods, etc. We are taught that in order to have a good life, we need to finish school, get good grades, graduate at the top of our class, go to a good college, and the list goes on.

We go through life following these mediocre rules that lead us into destruction of our own disappointments. Although we go through all this strive, there’s a hidden gem that is building up, like a diamond being formed within the depths of a mountain, that once it’s found, the power is life altering.

The Gem, being created, is a Life form that exceeds all disappointments and failures. Life is in your blood, and is most precious to the creator of the universe, the heavens, the stars, and earth. Life is your spirit which sustains the blood and body. The spirit is the Gem which is most holy to the Creator, Omni present God, and if it is not wasted in strives and toils, like mentioned above, although given to the Most High it is the determining factor between life and death in all areas of your life.

Now the next thing I’m about to mention is where 99.99 percent of all humanity fails, which is to have faith in relying on the Most High, Mighty Master. Just as the one of the Books mentions, faith is seeing those things that are not, as though those things were.

I have come to realize in my life that I am at the mercy of the Master Builder of the universe, and there’s nothing I can do physically to change my state, written in the stars, unless I pray without ceasing to the Master of our lives.

I don’t believe in positive thinking or mantras, I do believe in a higher power that can alter my life in an instant by praying to the one who knew my substance before the world was created, rather than repetitive mantras.

You will literally know when God’s hand will be upon your life because the works done will be impossible for man but possible for God, the Ultimate Power. So pray without ceasing for you will never know, what his will is unless your pray without ceasing along with works done in faith.

A way, not the rule, to know that you’re out of the will of the Master when doing works is when you start to acknowledge the prize or the gain that you will receive at the end. When you seek gain for your life, I guarantee you that God is not with you. We are to do his will not ours, although that doesn’t mean that the Master will not take care of you, for his ways are higher than ours. You might seek riches in terms of monetary when you’re out of the will of the Master, while he is willing to give you a kingdom by doing his Holy will.

Living For Glorious Moments

As much we desire to live high peaks of life, for longer times than mere moments. Life is a progress and it’s takes traction to reach high peak moments, in the early stages to gain momentum. We can live in high peak moments in intervals, every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you desire too. There are many different ways to reach these moments. You may create, on command, feelings of bliss by your emotions to recall moments of ecstasy to help you reach great moments in life; Or you can create events that give you these same feelings/emotions to reach the state in life that you desire. We are all so different yet the same.

In order to encounter awesome moments in your life, building and charging up for those moments are essential. what is it in your life, that you need to perform to experience sublime moments in your life? Is it writing 1,000 words each month, to complete a book at the end of the year? Is it eating the right way and exercising for 3 months, for a fit body? Is it working on your new business for 6 or 12 months to see any return on investments?

We all want glorious sensational moments in life, however almost no one, in the beginning, is willing to go through the trials and errors to get to those precious moments. The best part is that you don’t need to be a movie star, celebrity, or some mogul to experience high points in your life. We were all born with the same light within, given by our divine Creator, and it is up to us to release the light, that can gives us our hearts desires. Maybe we were not all born with the right circumstances, yet we were all born with the same breath of life given to us, and it is up to each individual to realize our their potential. Because no one will tell you your true potential, potential is drawn out from within, from the deepest and mysterious part of your being. Deeper than your body, mind, and soul. Deeper than your relationships, and deeper than your job, deeper than society. Let me go ahead and tell you where your potential is, it’s located within your being, it’s fluid, no chains can bind it, restrictions don’t exist for it. The Spirit is where potential lies and waits for it to be awakened and released into a world that’s need more individual that are willing to make history and not recreate it.

Where are the days of old
The flaming heat has gone cold
Again I must seek ethereal in quarry
And create new days of glory
Yes follow this nonmaterial ointment
Prepare today for the preeminence moment

Higher Growth Through Appreciation

In order to appreciate something, you need to appreciate it from a stand point of a higher or lower degree. For example, if a man lives a lavish life, he can appreciate his position by becoming aware that there’s other parts of the world, continent, country, state, or city where people live in conditions that no man should live from. The lavish man can appreciate his life style and become aware on how to help his fellow companion, called man. The opposite is also true, someone living in the slums can appreciate someone that lives a lavish style, because in his position he can achieve everything and lose nothing because there’s no truss to stop him, only the one he sets for himself. Start today to appreciate the things in your life, like your spouse, children, your career, your business, your siblings, parents, your neighbor. On the other hand, at times, physically positioning yourself in different areas can really make a difference, e.g.; standing on top of a mountain, walking through a trail in the forest, climbing a pyramid, or moving to a different area of living.

Appreciation is vital in order to achieve a state of humbleness, while it leads growth in life, spirituality, love, relationships, and income. Without appreciation, people lack the ability move forward and upward, and people tend to stay in the same place in areas of their life.

At times, in our lives, we need to humble ourselves to receive different perceptions in life, in order to get to higher degrees in life. Then again people who choose not to grow, expand, and continue moving tend to stay in the same places for decades, literally. People refusing to grow, stay in jobs for more than 10 years, they take the same route for work, they eat at the same restaurant , go to the same vacation spot, and remain with the same high school/college friends.

While an adolescent, I could not grasp why people whom graduated from high school would return back to the school and commune with students and old staff from the school district. This experience baffled me, I would tell myself, “Geez these people must of lost their glory as soon as they graduated from school, and are trying to relieve their greatest years in their life”. I also told myself that as soon as I graduated from high school I would leave, and I did just that, I left to a different state, thousands of miles away. This movement was one my greatest decisions I made in my life. When I moved I met many people from different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and moving opened my eyes to the greater possibilities a man can live on this earth.

Not Left Not Right, Go Straight

When you see no end, when you can’t see your goal on top of the mountain, keep moving forward. That’s your best shot to overcoming anything, keep moving and don’t stop! In order to go to the next level in life, you must elevate from distractions from the media, social trends, and toxic people because it only feeds your eyes and fleshy desires. By elevating you help yourself arise to higher states of consciousness. The greatest downfall an individual can make is follow what everybody else is doing, the individuals that follow social trends or media trends, eventually lead to problems of creativity, new ideas, new innovations, new technologies, etc. Don’t turn left towards the highway of death creativity and don’t turn right to the highway of bondage, although go straight to the narrow path to paradise created for you and by you.

Now, let’s look for a solution for this dilemma of the outside human system. What can we do? What can you do to detach yourself from the chains of lust, greed, covetousness, and hate.

  • First, acknowledge it for what it is, then make a shift in your decisions that you will no longer be persuaded by it
  • Instead you will build something in its place
  • Know yourself, who truly are you?
  • Look within for inspiration
    • What motivates you?
    • What inspires you?
    • What’s your real dream, and not the one they gave you
  • Read books that will challenge your thinking and beliefs

When will an individual really pursue his dreams in life, when will he manifest his desired life? I’ll tell you when, it’s when that individual is tired of all the downfalls he has had in life, it is when he is tired of all the disappointments from the advised he received from the family , media, and false religious sects that brought him down to nothing. He will change and pursue his dream when decides that enough is enough. This individual will no longer consume the media, social trends, mass hysteria, instead he will use it to better his life. Consumption is no longer an option, and creation is law, now in this individual life.

The journey towards freedom seems too far and too hard, henceforth as soon as you start the journey life will begin to unwind for the better, in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, the regret you will have will be, you wished you had started earlier.

Full And Complete Is Life To Those Who Let Go Of Strife

Are we not all the same? Are we not all with the same body, organs, and human race? Are not our blood the same color? You, your brother and sister, and your neighbor are the same. Judge not by goods and riches, or appearances, though judge by character, spirit, and wisdom.

As human beings, we are not so different by animals, we are territorial and fight for things that are not ours, like; another man’s/women’s spouse, the bosses’ job, the neighbor’s car, someone else’s fame, etc. But we’re better than savage animals, we have the ability to love and forgive, and build each other up, instead breaking ourselves down which is what the masses do.

Start today, forgive those that have hurt you, be kind, and love brothers, sisters, and your neighbors. Then move forward with your life and future. Let the past stay in the past and strive for the glories future, meanwhile enjoying the present. Life is a special thing, and it’s better to enjoy life rather than to waste it in grudges, stupidities, unforgiveness, revenge, and greediness.

Now, when I say forgive, forgive in your heart. When I say be kind, kindness with politeness, good gestures, kind words. When I say, let past stay in the past, remember the pasts’ lesson although don’t dwell in the past. When I say strive for the glories future, strive for the future with a positive attitude and practical actions that will open doors of opportunities. When I say love your brothers, sisters, and neighbor, love them with their best interest in mind and heart.

Love, overcomer of all
A wounded heart, will make you fall
Clemency, opens the windows of heaven
So forgive even if it’s seventy times seven
Past is past and over
Present is now and the future is closer
Full and complete is life
To those who let go of strife

The Door of Paradise

Only the “few” are looking for answers, the “few” are looking for a way out. A way out from the 9 to 5 job. A way out to able to live a life of freedom, and not bound by time and obligations set by someone else.

The majority get in line, the majority get back in their place and they know their place, which is fine by me because they are easy to persuade and manipulate. Although the “few”, I want to work the “few” because the “few” have made the decision that they do not want to become like the majority.

The “few” find or eventually find the door to paradise. Once you step through the door life is never the same, stepping through the door you automatically make a 180 degree turn. You might ask, “Which door is the door of paradise?”. There’s no “right” door, the door may be a new business, becoming an author on your own terms, becoming a bodybuilder and training others by your time and rules, etc. The door of paradise is the door that will give you options in life, the door will set you free from the rat race and dealing with stupid people on a daily basis.

The “few” know how to sense other people, places, time, lands, phenomenas, energies, etc. Again, knowing how to perceive and sensing is part of the “few” everyday skills to read people and in making choices. The following are some of the traits of the “few”:

  • Perceiving
  • Sensing
  • Using your emotions/feelings the proper way
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Continuously learning
  • Experimenting
  • Expanding the conscious mind
  • Utilizing the unconscious mind to full capacity
  • Stepping into the Unknown
  • Character building

This post is to encourage someone who is part of the majority to make a 180 degree turn and become one of the “few”. Don’t be dismayed if you’re not where you want to be in life, YET, if you have made the decision to find the door of paradise, you have become part of the “few”. The only thing that’s delaying is for the world (or universe, perception) around you to align with your decision. Remember this motto, “leaving no stone unturned” (Arnold Schwarzenegger), and with every action or patterns of action you take, have the right attitude according to your purpose/goal. Eventually the door of paradise opens and you will know exactly what to do.

Success can’t be taught, meanwhile success can be encouraged, motivating, and inspiring for the “few”, to find their door of paradise.

Unknown is fearful and liberty
Known is cheerful and captivity
Known roads are subservience
Unknown roads are independence
In your heart is where lies
The unknown to the door of paradise

Stepping Into The Unknown

What is the the Unknown? With many people there’s a misconception that the unknown has to do only with the supernatural. Although the unknown may be a different genre when reading books, making a 180 degree turn on a different career, moving to a different state or country. The unknown can be an idea that can be difficult or as simple as an individual can make it. To me (the writer), the unknown is where success, riches, glory, power, and the greatest achievements reside for life along with unlimited potential; And it is up to me to find the right doors to unleash, what i believe to be, the destiny and purpose in life.

The unknown depends on your deepest questions about life. The Unknown can be everything else that the conscious mind is not aware of. It depends how well developed a human being is, on a spiritual level or on a conscious level, to comprehend the unknown.

One of the greatest things i heard, from Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his speeches, was “leaving no stone unturned” (Video below @ 2:32 min). Do anything and everything with a mindset of succeeding because the unknown can only, according to my personal experience, be altered by action and momentum, as well as the right attitude/emotions according to your goals.

Once you have the mindset to succeed, the mindset becomes alive and becomes a force that can not be stopped. It’s hard explain how success and freedom works, although it comes down to the fact that your beliefs, mindset, attitudes, and emotions are the forces that take you there; To achieve success, riches, luck, and Mind and Soul Freedom. The unknown can not be explained with simple words, sounds, or images. The unknown can only be experienced and expressed by fruits and manifestations of your success, for example by your art, music, novels, a life style, etc.

The sun rises and moon sets
The moon sets and sun rises
Life and purpose haven’t met
Don’t go another day with regret
Go and step into the unknown
Unlock the door to receive your crown
You have the key
Come now and set yourself free

With great boldness and keen focus, step into the unknown and live your best life!

Gifts, Talents, And Freedom

Every single human born into this world is granted with a gift. It may be art, sciences, philosophy, accounting, teaching, etc. Unfortunately most the of the time majority of the human population never get know their gift s because majority of the people are side tracked or blinded by other peoples gift and talents and try to imitate other people gifts and talents. Which is why they slumber and walk daily around this earth asking themselves why they are not successful or thriving in life. They look for answers in other people instead within. The wisdom of old and books of old all tell you the same thing, read and think about the following quote by Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus says:

“If those who lead you say to you: ‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds of the sky will precede you.

If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you.

Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and outside of you.”

The Gospel of Thomas

It’s easy to look for answers outside of ourselves, it’s easy to look for answers in careers or become a slave of a guru. There’s so much junk of information in the internet and you have to learn how to perceive what is good to absorb and what is junk. Open your mind on who you should listen to and learn from. Examine which books and articles will bring you closer to your dreams and goals and ultimately your destiny. Break free and build up courage within and find answers from within and proceed in Mind and Soul Freedom.

How do you become free? You may ask. Learn about yourself, for example:

  • Learn about your conscious and unconscious mind
  • Learn about your spirit and soul
  • Learn how to communicate
  • Learn how words affects your neurology
  • Learn about body postures and how body postures affect your feeling/emotions
  • Learn about altered states
  • Learn about language patterns

Where I get my source of information to achieve Mind And Soul Freedom are few of the following places:

  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Hypnosis
  • Ancient Religion
  • Study of secrete organizations (Masons, Knights Templars, etc)

To get your hands on the actual books of information go to page, and click on link, Mind And Soul Buying Catalog, and begin on the right path, your destiny path.