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Persuasion For Beliefs

In this world, you come across so many people every day. And every single person has a set of beliefs, although personal beliefs are firm in a person, they are tangible enough to be changed.

My Message To God

Hello God I knew you in my earlier years when life was but a dream. I heard you clearly and you comforted me. You gave me strength and hope. You walked with me and held my hand so that I wouldn’t stumble. Since a child I have had many enemies […]

When Life Knocks You Down

Instead of quivering down and kicking yourself for the circumstances that you have no control of. Stand, rise up and keep pushing forward until you feel the break through. The breakthrough first is in the unseen and the second breakthrough is in the physical world. Be determined! For winning and […]

The Unknown Environment

When ever you go into new environment, new school, new city, house or building. For most people, the state of mind is nervousness and anxiety. Although, these states are unnecessary and only do you harm biologically. In order to overcome this is by being in the present state of mind. […]

Living For Glorious Moments

As much we desire to live high peaks of life, for longer times than mere moments. Life is a progress and it’s takes traction to reach high peak moments, in the early stages to gain momentum. We can live in high peak moments in intervals, every 3 to 6 months, […]

Not Left Not Right, Go Straight

When you see no end, when you can’t see your goal on top of the mountain, keep moving forward. That’s your best shot to overcoming anything, keep moving and don’t stop! In order to go to the next level in life, you must elevate from distractions from the media, social […]

Full And Complete Is Life To Those Who Let Go Of Strife

Are we not all the same? Are we not all with the same body, organs, and human race? Are not our blood the same color? You, your brother and sister, and your neighbor are the same. Judge not by goods and riches, or appearances, though judge by character, spirit, and […]

The Door of Paradise

Only the “few” are looking for answers, the “few” are looking for a way out. A way out from the 9 to 5 job. A way out to able to live a life of freedom, and not bound by time and obligations set by someone else. The majority get in […]

Stepping Into The Unknown

What is the the Unknown? With many people there’s a misconception that the unknown has to do only with the supernatural. Although the unknown may be a different genre when reading books, making a 180 degree turn on a different career, moving to a different state or country. The unknown […]

Gifts, Talents, And Freedom

Every single human born into this world is granted with a gift. It may be art, sciences, philosophy, accounting, teaching, etc. Unfortunately most the of the time majority of the human population never get know their gift s because majority of the people are side tracked or blinded by other […]