Category: Experiments

Love is Life, Life is Love

The love of life is equivalent to the fight of life. You must fight to endure meaning, you must live to expand purpose. Why do we choose to stay stagnate and lazy in our present moments that are so precious. It is because we’re stuck in a time warp of […]

Seekers of Secrets

It’s amazing when we are shocked when we find certain news or have an understanding that seems out-worldly when we seek truth. It troubles us because we have acquired information hidden from the people around you, and you dare not to speak of the certain information because it will mean […]

Expanding Your Peripheral Vision And Awareness of The External World

Expanding your vision and tuning in with the outside world, by stopping your internal dialogue within and have all your attention outside your personal world is a great skill to have. We filter our life, and of the outside world, through our emotions, beliefs, and past experiences, all things internally; […]