Category: Emotions

Love is Life, Life is Love

The love of life is equivalent to the fight of life. You must fight to endure meaning, you must live to expand purpose. Why do we choose to stay stagnate and lazy in our present moments that are so precious. It is because we’re stuck in a time warp of […]

The Turmoils Of The Soul

Rage, hate, depression, envy, lust, covetousness: the turmoils of the Soul. We all have them, you being VP or someone who washes dishes, we’re only human. You can’t avoid these feelings or run from, although you cope with them. Cope with them with philosophy and right action. Do your duty […]

A Law Of The Universe

There’s an order in this life just as the universe has an order, which is a law for all life forms. An order that nature echoes as well as the cosmos reflects into our telescopes. Think and imagine the bees and the queen, think of the king of the jungle, […]

Fear Not Your Enemies

Enemies are the reflection of your good deeds and success. Enemies will shout the loudest and use vain words to try to make a point against their victim. Enemies will roar from a false stand point and declare your fall: “You are finished!”, “I will testify against you!”, “I will […]

Warning Against Evil Intentions And Returning To The Way

Why are you so angry? Why do you despise those that are more successful than you? Refrain from making evil plans against righteous people that live a successful simple life. Instead learn from them and you yourself raise to their level. Avoid snaring thoughts and speech. Evil people scheme and […]

Pain, Consume It Or Consumed By It

Pain, physical or emotional, is a source of energy. Whether you consume pain for an outcome or it consumes you towards your destruction, is up to you. We all know what pain is, be it emotional, physical, or mental, at any level we all understand some sort of pain. Pain […]