Connect Mind And Heart…Watch Your World Change.

You Are The Light Of The Dawn!

Fear Not Your Enemies

Enemies are the reflection of your good deeds and success. Enemies will shout the loudest and use vain words to try to make a point against their victim. Enemies will roar from a false stand point and declare your fall: “You are finished!”, “I will testify against you!”, “I will accuse you of what I saw!”, “Who will save you now?”. People whom are in opposition towards you can help you recognize the level of your growth, and they should not be feared although embraced with love accordingly.

The ethereal divine Spirit can not be seen with eyes of flesh or felt by physical touch, and ethereal divine Spirit can only being seen from within another spirit. Spirit to spirit is the communication. Many people refuse to see and are blinded and drunk from the vanity of this world. We that are spiritual being were made out of love, and there are certain attributes that can not exist or commingle with love, like: hate, accusations, pride, slander. The former, attributes, are the dangers while becoming someone’s enemy.

The great Spirit is like fiery shield to those people that stay in Love, and love their enemies instead of hating them. The great Spirit lifts people, whom are love, up high above all danger as they are being accused and slandered by their enemies. Someone whom is in the position of Love, simply cry out to the great Spirit and the great Spirit comes down from the highest of highest, from everlasting to everlasting, with shield and sword to defend his loving creation, from all enemies.

An enemy is always in a state of panic and anxiety because his time is short which is why he tries to be swift on taking out the innocent. On the contrary, the innocent is able to sleep in peace and in a state of serenity because he knows, in his heart, that a greater power is for him, and the Spirit is always watching over him. It may be one or one-hundred enemies, the number does not matter, the great Spirit will give the innocent victory over the enemies, no matter the situation because the innocents’ trust is in the immortal, ever living, Spirit.

Warning Against Evil Intentions And Returning To The Way

Why are you so angry? Why do you despise those that are more successful than you? Refrain from making evil plans against righteous people that live a successful simple life. Instead learn from them and you yourself raise to their level. Avoid snaring thoughts and speech. Evil people scheme and make plans to trap and confine people whose heart is upright and honest. Beware of this type of planning because there’s an unseen force in the air, that protects and guards hearts of righteousness, and that is nearly impossible to detect. Although an evil person may plan for an attack, it is foolish! Before the evil persons’ intention in his heart was born, the unseen force laid the trap for that evil person. Even worse is when two or more people scheme together, for the unseen power is much greater against them. All intentions are born from the heart, evil or good, so be righteous and don’t go against the righteous, the elect.

Remove yourself from anger, for you set own trap, instead align yourself with the divine law above man; treat others the way you would like to be treated, you reap what you sow.

We are all children of the Great Light, likewise there’s children by the evil generation from past ages. Even though we are children of the Great Light, refuse the temptations and vanity of the evil generations of past ages; the evil generation comes with many false powers and false signs of delusion to entrap the righteous.

When a righteous person sets his heart on the unseen force, with a complete heart, the unseen force is on his side as a great warrior ready to protect and defend him. Just as father will do anything for his children so will the unseen force of all creation, for all his children of light. Thus if you have strayed away from the Way, turn your hearts towards the unseen force, confess your ignorance and offenses in private, so that you may have right standing with the unseen force of all creation.

Declare your oneness with the Way, and you shall have peace, prosperity, and life on this world and on the next world. In contrast, with evil people the Way flares its anger towards them at every evil intention in their hearts. So be wise and proclaim life!

Pain, Consume It Or Consumed By It

Pain, physical or emotional, is a source of energy. Whether you consume pain for an outcome or it consumes you towards your destruction, is up to you. We all know what pain is, be it emotional, physical, or mental, at any level we all understand some sort of pain.

Pain can be used as a memory trigger to avoid or go forth with an action. Now, as an individual, we need distinguish which pain we allow to set in place in our being in order to assist us.

Pain can simply be the struggles of life. We all been there, where there was no job, when a spouse left, when the bills piled up, when a loved one passed to the next world. The bright side of the pain is that we can continue to move forward in life, along with wisdom and knowledge we accumulated through pain. Every time you experience pain, you’re usually fighting something whether you’re conscious of it or not, mostly you’re fighting without knowing it, unconsciously.

The truth is that we will never leave that the cycle of pain, although we can use at our own dispense. That’s where the concealed knowledge lies, between pain and motion, take action or remain still until death comes. Motion, moving, towards higher probabilities of life are achievable. Understanding that higher stages of life are possible, gets you more than half way there to achieve them. It just a matter of time catching up to your decision. Pain, only reminds you of your mortality, which is a beautiful thing. Now depending on people’s heart, it can make a difference on the type of decision that is made. Although your mortality is watched by unseen forces in the air, the unseen forces are baffled when you make decisions because your mortality is a gift of progression and power. We have the ability to make decisions, we have the ability of conscious thoughts, we have a the ability to love, we have the ability to alchemize!

Let us not waste this precious gift called pain. Use the pain!