Are you Wiling To Live Foolishly Free In Him?

We live our lives with fear of the things that can happen to us. By the imagination and the thoughts that the ancient enemy puts in our mind. So we try to live as perfect as the world or society expects us to live. Which in turn we live worse than ever.

I openly say that, I lived with fear of the future. Even though I tried to find solutions, for my fear, like meditation, yoga, mantras, positive thinking, alchemy, etc. There’s nothing or no one that can set me free, except the Prince of Peace, King Jesus Christ.

Fear is a cloak that’s put upon your eyes, to deceive you of future events and paralysis you to become immovable. Fear torments the mind of the timid and the minds that don’t t have the Spirit of Power, or a sound mind. If you believe in the super natural, which I do, don’t think it far fetch to believe because the super natural happens every day. Although most people have scales on their eyes to not see what is really going on in the ethereal world. Fear only gives illusions of flashes as to deceive you into frightening you. Just think about it, fear can not be touched or seen. Neither can love be touched or seen, only felt. How much more real can the super natural be than fear and love?

If the spirit of fear is tormenting you, you need a greater Spirit to place shackles on the hands and feet of the spirit of fear. For this is the law of the kingdom of God, a greater power is needed to subdue and spoil the enemy, the spirit of fear.

So don’t fear and live with boldness and courage! For He that is in you has overcome the spiritual and physical world. If you are a child of Light, know that you have at least one powerful angelic being by your side at all times. This spiritual being is with you to protect you and report to the Father, in heaven, of all things in your life. Therefore if you find yourself in a state of fear, don’t be prideful and cry out to your Father in heaven for he hears all his children of Light because the Father is not respecter of any particular man or women.

As long as my heart is right standing with God and my conscious is clear, I live boldly and courageously because I know He guides all my steps. Living foolishly free in Him is the best Freedom I have encountered in this broken world. God uses the foolish things of the world to make an example of the prideful and strong.

Are you willing to do the same and live freely?

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