A Substance Not Of This World Comes From The Ethereal World

We all have heard of the power of meditations, mantras, and repetitive rituals that don’t mean nothing, and are all vanity.

Although these may have some sort of limited power, these powers don’t compare to the one whose name is above every name. If you don’t know this name, you must look for him in ancient writings of the East. With reading eyes may you see and perceive his name.

Besides all these things that man does to uplift his substance in life, there’s one substance that can uplift any man in this world without searing his soul. The substance is unseen and can not be felt, or handled with human hands. Fortunately belief and seeing is vital in order to see those events, circumstances, courses in life that you may desire, that have not yet come to pass, as though they have happened. It’s simply as having faith along with mixture of works.

Faith may be expecting to have an experience with God and works may be climbing a mountain to experience God. Faith may be having a successful business in five years and the works may be sixteen hour work days for five years. You see without faith it is impossible to shake the unseen realm into motion and without faithful works it is impossible to spark progress to birth reality.

Faith is light, untouched, invisible, and perfect. Faith births nations into existence, faith quenches the fiery arrows of the naysayers, faith sustains brothers and sisters into unity. Faith is a veiled property that can not be bought or sold, received or given, meanwhile faith is built up from within each Man by hearing the Word. Once faith is built up, reality is altered by the grace of the Light of world.

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