A New Era – Individual Power

There’s a new era and it can only be experienced by powerful individuals. The era where 20 percent of people in the world will reap and control 80 percent of the worlds resources. The era of individual power, the era where certain individuals will be as gods. These powerful individuals will not shed blood to gain their control, but by power and celestial potency. The charm of the mighty individual will be as a peacock seducing it’s mate, by many colors of signs and wonders.

The 20 percent are waking up and taking notice of what is theirs to claim. There’s no machine, no system, no earthly power can quench fire within the mighty individual. For the individuals power is not from this world although from an unseen world. The 20 percent do not claim a religion evermore the 20 percent understand all spiritual laws that every religion mistakenly claim to understand. The 20 percent can not be perceived although the 20 percent perceives all things from this world and the unseen world.

Will you be one of the few 20 percent? The Era is now and the masses don’t know of it because they can not spiritually perceive the unseen powers that is over the atmosphere of this world. The powers of the world are free of charge and freely given, only to those that are aware of their existence.

This message may be insignificant to all people but it will stir up those people that are the few 20 percent. This message is not for the masses but to the few elect. If you belong to the 20 percent, you will know, and if you don’t belong to the 20 percent you will also know.

May you have eyes to see truth in all things. God speed!

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