A Law Of The Universe

There’s an order in this life just as the universe has an order, which is a law for all life forms. An order that nature echoes as well as the cosmos reflects into our telescopes. Think and imagine the bees and the queen, think of the king of the jungle, the lion, and the lionesses. Take into consideration the ants and the queen, now take thought of the Buck and the does.

Now as we take our eyes to the sky and beyond, reflect on the planets and their moons. How about the sun and the seven planets? Can you guess what the law is?

The law is hierarchy, and no one or thing is an exception of this order.

How about our thoughts, feelings, and emotions? If this is true then emotions have a hierarchy order as well. Love overrules hatred, courage supersedes cowardliness, and joy takes over sadness.

Only the wise can unlock hierarchy’s mysteries and secrets, by observations and reflections. For nature is the mirror of our inner being, everything outside of us exist in us already.

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