A Hidden Key Now Exposed

One of the biggest secrete kept under the rug by the worldly system is: Asking the Divine Creator of the cosmos for your hearts desires.

The human race is trained from the early stages of life to strife and toil for their hearts desires. Some us work two and up to three jobs just get the nice things in life. I can say this because I have been guilty of it. I have toiled for many years for a one week paid vacation. I didn’t know any better, I only followed what they (influencers of the world and governments) told me to do, which I always believed they had my interest at heart but I was completely wrong.

It wasn’t until I cried out to the Master of the universe, I poured out my heart to the Master. I expressed my distressed heart, about my long our at work for little pay, for my health, for my lack of time to do anything with my family. Little did I know, almost suddenly, things began to happen in my personal life.

There was a great disruption in my life. First I got fired from my job, my wife got pregnant and soon left her job due to a high risk pregnancy. Second our finances got depleted and we were bound by creditors.

Blinded by the chaos happening all around me, the Holy Master gave me what I had asked for, after I poured out my heart to Him, which was the following;

  • To have time know the Master of the Universe
  • To read more books
  • To spend more time with my family
  • To receive streams of income from uncharted dry lands
  • Time to pray more
  • Take care of my family when needed, and much more

Be still! And know that the Master of the Universe is longing for you and is willing to hear you out at all times. If you find yourself unhappy and without joy in your personal life, please feel free to talk to the One who knew your substance before the universe was created. The Master is please to give you your heart’s desires, according to your right standing heart.

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