A great Gift

You have the greatest gift a man can have. You were created in Gods image, you have the breath of Life, you are Alive! What are you gonna do with that life!?

When you were a child you were fearless, when you were a young adult you started accept the naysayers opinions and the very fears of the naysayers. Now as an adult you have become a corpse filled with shadows of demoralization, shadows of damnation, shadows of guilt and ultimately demons of fear have their claws on your mind and soul.

Now rejoice in your gift and triumph over the fears and demons of your life. Life conquers the fears, demons, and the naysayers by applying your hands into the duty you were called to do. Before the world and the universe was created you were chosen for this day to be a victor of life.

There’s Hope

Have hope, in every man there’s life within them even if their corpse are dead, the life of the spirit can never be broken or diminished.

I understand now, it’s my duty to work, it’s my duty to write to the people of the world, it’s my duty to ignite other fellow brothers and sisters with the light that I have within me and set them on their own personal path of life.

Look to the heavens and marvel at the stars because they are the reflection of who you are; glories, powerful, ever sparkling life outward.

The Path

The path is long and only revealed one step at a time. The luminous light inside within the shell, called the body, must be cultivated and extracted because the flesh is too human and too animalistic. The flesh would rather you die in conformity and in pleasures than for you to know truth and power. The path is not for the faint of heart, it is for those that plunged themselves away from the dogma instilled in them from youth, the doctrine that chained the mind from achieving freedom. The path is like going against a river upstream because the rushing current the challenges you tries to sweep you away like the world tries to shackle your heart with chains of lusts, desires, and covetousness. Don’t you know that trying to gain the whole world makes you lose your soul, along with filling your being with darkness and never knowing the truth? Instead choice life and bear fruit of kindness, growth, love, power, light, family, reverence. A clean heart of altruism with show you the path.

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