The Temple And The Well

The temple must be maintained and nourished, swept and guarded from any foreign invaders that wish to take control of it. Of course, I’m talking about the body, and the only spirits that must take it up is your spirit and the Spirit of the Alpha and Omega.

Within the Temple there’s a well and that well, from the beginning, provides fresh clean water. To maintain the fresh water, the Spirit of the Alpha and Omega must maintain Master of the Temple and all its rooms. The rooms are every part of your life.

If the Temple is ever defiled by a foreign spirit, the temple begins to deteriorate and the well will give bitter water. Evidence of a defiled Temple is evident in your personal life. You will experience unrecoverable health issues, finances are continually depleted, relationships are heartbreaking, etc.

To maintain a clean house, the following is vital upon checking:

  • Do you have a sound mind
  • Do have a clear conscious
  • Fear is not the decision maker
  • Joy is experienced daily
  • Vanity is controlled to its lowest degree
  • Praying daily and without ceasing

Most importantly, for the Love of God, do not make any contracts or covenants with any kind of spirit. The former will be your down fall and only the mercy of the Master can save you.

When the Master is the overseer of your Temple, life is enjoyed by its highest level. Now that doesn’t mean that we won’t experience troubles or trails, although it’s for our own good, to refine and polish us. For the Master always helps to over come the worldly troubles.

Go in peace and maintain your Temple.

See The End From The Beginning: The Straight Way

From the beginning we start our lives with great power and energy. Although this is good, most times than not, we have no direction or vision of the end. We tend to be double minded in our goals and life events. Double minded is like being in treadmill where you may run as fast as you can and go as long as you want but never get anywhere.

Most of us, mostly in the States, want fame, riches, and power. They are blinded by the deceitful illusions of big houses, flashy cars, plastic body parts projected in 55 inch televisions. People are bound and tide with unseen shackles of vanity and covetousness: They are drunk and refuse to become sober to receive true freedom.

True freedoms’ door lies within you, precisely when you turn your heart towards the way of the omni Presence. The Presence is the light for your feet and guidance for your life. The Way is the End and the Beginning. When in The Way, the world within and without falls into perfect synchronicity. The alignment of The Way will ever be true and complete, than we as individuals can ever try to be.

Knowing the end from the beginning is so simple although we tend to make it difficult. Turn your heart towards God, don’t go right and don’t go left but go along the straight Way!

Be Still And Know The Master Is Watching

There’s certain times and seasons that we get overwhelmed with life, being in work, family, finances, etc. In theses times and seasons when tend to overwork, get exceedingly dramatic with family, and overspend when it’s not necessary, the point is that we intensify our overwhelmed life.

When you’re in this overwhelmed time and season, our mind is not sound and our heart is carnal. Our thinking is seared with the seed of disappointment, fear, failure, and guilt. Consequently, we make our worst decisions in these times and seasons. Which is why we must be still and know that the Master is watching your ever move.

Know that at times the Master of the universe wants to intervene in your life and it is up to us, individually. Almost always it us human whom stop the hand out Master to move in our lives. We must understand the times and season’s in our lives in order to let our Master lead us into greater glorious life events in each our personal lives. The Master has laws in place and the following are two of them:

  • That which is exalted is brought down, and that which is brought down is exalted
  • That which is given without covetousness is returned pressed down and multiplied. That which is given in covetousness grows wings and flies to unknown dried lands

So be still and work with the comfort that the Master watches all and is gracious to the good and too the bad, although every work will be judged in the after life.