The Blessed Elect

Once you’re marked by the Master no man can curse you, unless you stray from the Way. If a promise was given to you by the creator, of the celestial bodies, no other power under the heavens can delay the blessings of the promise.

Once yoked by the anointment of the Master, who can break the yoke? Does anyone dare touch the Elect of God? The enemy can try to touch the flesh but the Spirit is the inheritance of the Father. Whoever humbles himself before the Lord will be exalted, even in front of his enemies.

If you’re blessed and know that you are blessed, it is your duty to give as much as it has been freely given to you. A gift or a blessing must be sown into the world of man and multiplied by the time the season to harvest has come. The master will expect an account of everything that was gained. Let’s hope you’re not the one who buried the gift/blessing in the ground, as to hide the blessing until the return of the Master.

If you lack favor in your life, humble yourself before the Master and ask for favor. It’s so simple that man prefers to earn his favor than to freely receive it. Humbleness is a great mystery and so easy to apply in life. Sad to say, pride and self exaltation is the pattern man follows unknowingly. Unless man becomes sober and zealously abrupt his ways to turn his heart towards his Creator, the fall is everlasting. Even to change the heart man needs a greater power to assist him, because it’s impossible for him but with God anything is possible.

Are you willing to do what’s necessary in order to become one of the Elect, that the world despises? Are you ready to be a partaker of a greater calling?

You are from a different Light and not the deceiving light that the fallen, that came down like lightning, claims. You are not of world because your citizenship is one of divine, and your home is in Heaven.

Go in Peace, Love you always!

Seekers Of Power

Isn’t funny how men seek power in all sorts of things and do all kinds of vain rituals to try to gain power. Yet they refuse to ask the one in whom the image was used to create them. There’s so many illusions and flashes, in the world, to stunt the men of the world so they won’t the know the truth.

The truth is power is given, power is not taken or strived for. Grievously, men seek power for the wrong reasons, men seek power to rule over their fellow brothers and sisters of the world. They seek power to exalt themselves and use power for the pleasures of the world. This kind of power will be rejected and is frowned upon by the Creator. If men manage to receive powers, not of God, then it was given by powers in high places. These powers in high places are deniers of the truth and rejected the truth.

The only power given to men and women, is the power of elevation and sustaining the Kingdom of God. Another power may be given to those whose hearts is towards helping mankind. Also, God is so kind that gives individuals power in their hands to create wealth.

Almost always men want power for the wrong reasons. However, God is willing to give gifts of power to every single person on this planet, the key point is asking for the power according to Gods will. Knowing Gods will is on individual basis, you must walk with God in order to know his will. It’s a walk that many men are not willing to walk because the walk requires soberness from the world.

Too Human and Too Weak

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My mind is at turmoil, I can’t help but to be upset, I’m too human. I practice good morals although it brings me to wanting and lusting for the things of the world. I can’t help but to be jealous and envy those that are in high towers of social status. It brings displeasure knowing that the beautiful things in life are harder to reach without deep monetary pockets.

My heart aches knowing that I don’t have friends that I can rely on if I ever need something. No friends to call on for protection or help when in dismay. I have no alias at command to call upon for battle, no warriors to clear the way.

My stomach turns and twist knowing that I have no homes or land under my name. I have no castle to run to or for hiding. I have no army to keep my safety. No land to till the grounds and reap its reward, to feed and make the stomach happy.

My hands are idle, no power is within them to create wealth. My hands wonders and searchers for areas where it can find gold and silver to sustain a good life on this physical world. My hands crave coin for supper. My hands seeks gold in the mountains for the pleasures of this world. My hands are the never satisfied with its lot in life.

My spirit is at distress due to its want of affirmation that I will be safe, fed, sheltered, and provided for. My spirit takes it upon itself to be the master of its life, but the spirit has no profit in doing so.

Is there any man that can add to his status? Is there any man that can add to his own pocket or wealth? Is there any man that can add anything unto himself? Is there any man can create flowing streams of water in dry areas or create dry areas in lands of flowing waters?

There is in fact one Man, the Son of Man. The Light of the world. Logos in the flesh. The Lord of lords. The King of kings. The Prince of peace. The Alpha and the Omega. The name that is above every name, Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ!

Prayers And The Man Of Patience

A man with patience is unmoved and can not be moved by the chaotic circumstances of the world. Even if famine is rampant in the land, jobs are scarce, or society is upside down, a man of patience can not be moved.

A man of patience is only moved by the Word and Will of the Sword that pierces the Spirit at due season. Only then will he act on circumstances of the world. The patient man waits upon the move of the Logos that is within him.

Prayers are the works of the patient man, and answered prayers are his wages. He prays without ceasing, knowing that humbleness is the only factor that’s between him and his creator. Because humbleness opens the doors and windows of heaven, humbleness is ever in the man of patience.

The Man of patience understands that his prayers may be answered immediately or answered in the after life. Although fervid prayers of a patient man can accomplish much. The rest of the eight billion people in the world worry for decades about what their life will turn out to be, meanwhile their life turned out exactly what they feared.

Life my brother and sister in the Light. Even if we make plans in our hearts on what we should do while occupying and passing through this Earth, the Creator of your substance directs all your steps divinely into his will and purpose for your life.

Run away from friends that lay around all day and fold their hands that eventually become idle hands. Then these friends become mindless walkers on Earth attaining more to their idleness. If your not sure what you must do in your adulthood season of life, weary not, choose an occupation that may rise in your heart. Second trust on your creator to lead your steps although that occupation may not workout the Creator of the Universe will lead in the right direction. The important thing is not to become idle in life, the Spirit is never idle and neither should you.

Understand that your Creator is a good and loves you, and longs for you. Ponder in your mind that you were created and outlined according to His Image. One of God’s mysteries is focusing on God’s name (Yeshua Hamashiach) and doing all things unto Him. Yet people focus on everything else but his name, no wonder people’s life is a twisted roller coaster and not straight like it should be.

Be glad, there’s hope still! As long you’re taking a breath of life, it’s not too late. Start now! Be as a man of patience that prays without ceasing in all things and areas of life.

Go in peace, Love you always!

Wrestling With Invisible Powers Of The Air

Have you ever had a heavy feeling upon your shoulders? Have you ever felt your mind fogged up, not able to think or have clear thoughts, and not able to make a decision?

Welcome to the veiled arena of the Invisible Powers of the air, where perception and seeing beyond physical circumstances is crucial. The unseen is ruler of the physical. Anything in the physical world was birthed from the unseen. The dawn of your problems and circumstances are originated from the unseen. Don’t take it by surprise that these unpredictable factors take a stand in your life because these factors happen to every man and women around the world. From the least to the greatest, no one is exempt from the invisible powers of the air.

The evil powers of the air are only here to kill, steal, and destroy. Mercifully, there’s a greater power whom is stronger than any number of powers on Earth. Logos sends his servants from his high tower to hearken unto the cries of the children of Light. He saves those who love him and do his will.

Where the battle is fought is in your Spirit, by standing still and knowing that Logos hears your petitions of deliverance. Standing your ground against the invisible attacks that are manifested in your life. Praying without ceasing is key and proclaiming Logos sword of the word over your life. Victory is quickened with faith and victory is at hand by the grace of Logos. Triumph is yours, fear not and go in peace.

Sounding The Trumpet For Tomorrow

There’s no guarantee for tomorrow and the days of the future are never promised. Yet, we as human being trust our own flesh to boast for the great things we will do tomorrow, not knowing that there’s a possibility that we can return to dust the next hour.

O’ how the small spark that our loud trumpet ignites great firestorms in our lives. The trumpet binds us in broken promises and plans that never come to pass as we wished. Taming the flame of our words can preserve us from our destruction. The tongue, is what I’m talking about, is used to give many words of blessings and at the same time easily curses unto anyone who offends. The tongue is the spark that can set off your personal life into a world of turmoil.

Careful when you boast about the plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. We may have many plans, projects, and intentions but the Son of Man guides your steps according to his will. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

Live for today and be thankful for today’s achievements and glory. Not your achievements and glory instead that what belongs to the Son of Man. For the Son of Man is good and will use your Trumpet to be a blessing to your kin and your kin’s neighbors.

If by boasting you know what do in the future, and yet not do it is a form of wickedness of the soul. With this in mind, how can you boast about future events without being imperfect, for perfection is only of the Son of Man. We humans do not control the weather or circumstances in life, much less can we add to our own substance by taking thought. So how do you live for tomorrow? It simply as living today for today and trusting the Son of Man to lead you in paths along calm rivers and green pastures. The Son of Man is shepherd to the elect, and the elect know his voice.

A Substance Not Of This World Comes From The Ethereal World

We all have heard of the power of meditations, mantras, and repetitive rituals that don’t mean nothing, and are all vanity.

Although these may have some sort of limited power, these powers don’t compare to the one whose name is above every name. If you don’t know this name, you must look for him in ancient writings of the East. With reading eyes may you see and perceive his name.

Besides all these things that man does to uplift his substance in life, there’s one substance that can uplift any man in this world without searing his soul. The substance is unseen and can not be felt, or handled with human hands. Fortunately belief and seeing is vital in order to see those events, circumstances, courses in life that you may desire, that have not yet come to pass, as though they have happened. It’s simply as having faith along with mixture of works.

Faith may be expecting to have an experience with God and works may be climbing a mountain to experience God. Faith may be having a successful business in five years and the works may be sixteen hour work days for five years. You see without faith it is impossible to shake the unseen realm into motion and without faithful works it is impossible to spark progress to birth reality.

Faith is light, untouched, invisible, and perfect. Faith births nations into existence, faith quenches the fiery arrows of the naysayers, faith sustains brothers and sisters into unity. Faith is a veiled property that can not be bought or sold, received or given, meanwhile faith is built up from within each Man by hearing the Word. Once faith is built up, reality is altered by the grace of the Light of world.

Dangerous Arts Of Man And The Children Of The World

The dark arts and magic are not to be practiced or consulted with. Unless the mercy of God is upon you, there will be consequences.

The heart deceives men and women into the trap of the occult, due to jealousy, envy, hatred, lack of money, power, etc. How foolish to worship an image or to give perishable gifts to statues that have no life. Even greater danger comes when there’s covenants and contracts involved, for the soul is tarnished and marked until payment is due in the afterlife.

Beware of the Gurus that belong to this fallen world, who claim to be god. These men and women gurus give false signs and wonders through powers in the air, deceiving the children of the world and the Elect.

There’s an evil unseen kingdom and an ancient prince of darkness whom has declared war against the children of this world because the prince of darkness time is short. The prince of darkness goal is to destroy the image of God by having the children of men to act in rebellious behavior towards the creator of the celestial bodies and all things under the sun.

Beware of these men and women who practice deceitful arts through the evil kingdom. They come illuminating in false light to entrap you from the freedom that Most Hight has freely given you through His Son, Yeshua Hamashiach.

Be in Peace in freedom with boldness and courage!

The Guide That Never Fails

Who is shedding light for your feet? And do you know the path that you’re in: Is it a divine or worldly?

Many worldly unseen powers come in a deceiving disguise of the true light. The false light always makes you feel that you lack the things of life, e.g.: money, power, riches, women or men relationships, cars, or bigger houses. Unfortunately, the false light puts you in a state of want and lust for the perishable things of the world.

Walking out the path of divine light, you lack nothing and all the goods things of life are freely given, without toil or strife. The Master, your guide, only desires your thankful heart, praise and worship of his goodness, kindness, and mercy. Anything else besides the former is a form of religious rites and rituals that mean nothing.

The Master guide leads all his children of light through peaceful trails, even in uncharted wilderness, the path of your every step is guided. The exterior view of the wilderness may be in distress and chaos may be its course, although be bold and courageous for Master has overcome the world.

The Master will bless you for being in the divine path. Unfortunately this will stir jealousy and envy within the hearts of those that belong to the false light. Don’t worry the Master will protect you, and blind and confuse those that mean harm to you physically or spiritually.

A Hidden Key Now Exposed

One of the biggest secrete kept under the rug by the worldly system is: Asking the Divine Creator of the cosmos for your hearts desires.

The human race is trained from the early stages of life to strife and toil for their hearts desires. Some us work two and up to three jobs just get the nice things in life. I can say this because I have been guilty of it. I have toiled for many years for a one week paid vacation. I didn’t know any better, I only followed what they (influencers of the world and governments) told me to do, which I always believed they had my interest at heart but I was completely wrong.

It wasn’t until I cried out to the Master of the universe, I poured out my heart to the Master. I expressed my distressed heart, about my long our at work for little pay, for my health, for my lack of time to do anything with my family. Little did I know, almost suddenly, things began to happen in my personal life.

There was a great disruption in my life. First I got fired from my job, my wife got pregnant and soon left her job due to a high risk pregnancy. Second our finances got depleted and we were bound by creditors.

Blinded by the chaos happening all around me, the Holy Master gave me what I had asked for, after I poured out my heart to Him, which was the following;

  • To have time know the Master of the Universe
  • To read more books
  • To spend more time with my family
  • To receive streams of income from uncharted dry lands
  • Time to pray more
  • Take care of my family when needed, and much more

Be still! And know that the Master of the Universe is longing for you and is willing to hear you out at all times. If you find yourself unhappy and without joy in your personal life, please feel free to talk to the One who knew your substance before the universe was created. The Master is please to give you your heart’s desires, according to your right standing heart.