Flashes And Mirrors In The World

I lived for the past ten years believing gurus and their ways, believing teachers of many teachings, believing so called holy men but in the end none of the things they taught brought me closer to God. This brought me many sorrows of depression and anxiety, for days, months, and years.

One thing I have realized is that there’s no time of prayer that can bring you closer to God, there’s no amount of money that you give in order to get receive a blessing from God, there’s no amount of fasting to persuade God to reveal himself. God has his own timelines and seasons to do things and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can only trust his sovereignty.

Be careful of the flashes and mirrors in the world. Live your life to the best of your ability and trust the sovereignty of God. We as humans are ever changing, constantly forming and transforming more and more into our life journey we walk on daily.

Are you Wiling To Live Foolishly Free In Him?

We live our lives with fear of the things that can happen to us. By the imagination and the thoughts that the ancient enemy puts in our mind. So we try to live as perfect as the world or society expects us to live. Which in turn we live worse than ever.

I openly say that, I lived with fear of the future. Even though I tried to find solutions, for my fear, like meditation, yoga, mantras, positive thinking, alchemy, etc. There’s nothing or no one that can set me free, except the Prince of Peace, King Jesus Christ.

Fear is a cloak that’s put upon your eyes, to deceive you of future events and paralysis you to become immovable. Fear torments the mind of the timid and the minds that don’t t have the Spirit of Power, or a sound mind. If you believe in the super natural, which I do, don’t think it far fetch to believe because the super natural happens every day. Although most people have scales on their eyes to not see what is really going on in the ethereal world. Fear only gives illusions of flashes as to deceive you into frightening you. Just think about it, fear can not be touched or seen. Neither can love be touched or seen, only felt. How much more real can the super natural be than fear and love?

If the spirit of fear is tormenting you, you need a greater Spirit to place shackles on the hands and feet of the spirit of fear. For this is the law of the kingdom of God, a greater power is needed to subdue and spoil the enemy, the spirit of fear.

So don’t fear and live with boldness and courage! For He that is in you has overcome the spiritual and physical world. If you are a child of Light, know that you have at least one powerful angelic being by your side at all times. This spiritual being is with you to protect you and report to the Father, in heaven, of all things in your life. Therefore if you find yourself in a state of fear, don’t be prideful and cry out to your Father in heaven for he hears all his children of Light because the Father is not respecter of any particular man or women.

As long as my heart is right standing with God and my conscious is clear, I live boldly and courageously because I know He guides all my steps. Living foolishly free in Him is the best Freedom I have encountered in this broken world. God uses the foolish things of the world to make an example of the prideful and strong.

Are you willing to do the same and live freely?

The Peace And Rest Upon Your Life

Peace is what we look for in things or people in the world yet we have it for a little while and then disappears. Rest is what we seek, we believe we’ll get it when turn sixty-five, for retirement, yet it never comes.

Peace doesn’t come from agreements between nations or governments. Peace does not come from settlements between two families, groups, or people that agree on nonviolent acts amongst themselves. Peace is given from the Prince of Peace! Peace is knowing that the hosts of heaven are to protect you from harm and guide you from glory to glory. Peace gives you a powerful feeling of quickening in the Spirit to stand still and know that Father of all Lights knows your name, which is written in the book of life.

Rest, O’ how we long for rest, by taking vacations to escape the pitiful lives we live in society. How we watch hours upon hours of television to enter into a new reality of fantasy and nonexistent, to seek rest from our busy lives that comes to nothing. The children of Light have rest because they know that all their tomorrows are in the hands of their creator. Rest is within those that cling on and never let go of the Father in Heaven. Rest is found in the Spirit and Truth. The beginning and end of rest is in Yeshua Hamashiach. Having rest is not worrying about the futures outcome because all things are provided when someone finds the Kingdom of God. There’s no need to fly or drive thousands of miles to find rest, rest is given to those that turn from their corruptible ways and turn their hearts towards the Father that gives the breath of Life.

May you find rest and peace in his name, Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ).

Wrestling With God

I have wrestled with God all my life. I have yelled at God because I was mad at my circumstances, yet God heard me out and comforted me. I turned my back on the Master, left Him and went my separate way, yet when the world rejected me the Master received me back with opened arms and embraced me. I offended God with my behavior then again God removed my offenses from Him as far as the East is from the West. I have cried out to the Light of world to give me light when in my distress of wrong choices, and as a result He guided me patiently and was long suffering against me, and rescued me at his perfect timing. There’s no possible way to lose against God, he accepts your challenge because that is what the Master desires. The Master desires to talk to you, to hear you out, for this reason He will always be with you.

However there’s one thing that refuses this wrestling match because it will expose the darkness with the Light of truth. The carnal mind continually craves to do the things that the body longs for, for example: to be acknowledged by people, other peoples properties, items that don’t belong to it, other peoples spouses, flashy and shiny objects, power to rule over man, etc. The list never ends because the carnal mind can always find itself to distance itself from the Creator. So what does the carnal mind do when it doesn’t have the things it desires? It wages war against the world and his/her neighbors to take the things by force or deceit. All the while the carnal mind comes to its destruction. Wrestling with God is much more difficult than actually taking the time to do it.

I rather wrestle against God in the Spirit, at least He answers some prayers that are according to His master plan for my life in this fallen and broken world. The Master knows what’s best in our life than we will ever know.

So how do you wrestle with the All Mighty? First, you do this by prayer, prayer without ceasing. It’s a dialogue, which means you converse with God in the Spirit and you listen to His voice, which comes as a small whisper. Maybe, in the beginning you won’t be able to hear Him because you have given your ears to many other utterances. Second, which is harder for most people, take up fasting. Fasting breaks spiritual bondages and breaks spiritual chains of fears, addictions, lusts, broken hearts, etc. With fasting you will be able to hear Gods whisper much clearer.

Are you willing to take this challenge or continue to fall until you return to dust?

Success, Mystery, Plans, And Living Rivers

The Reality Of Success

If you’re not born into money, the road to success is agonizing without money. The stress to take care of your love ones is one that overwhelms not just yourself but those around you.

In order to maximize your true potential is by having a higher power working on your behalf. Without a higher power, you’ll be striving to make ends meet. I have come to the reality that striving for success is pointless, there’s nothing you can physically do that will uplift you by your own hands. If it was the case, every man or women would have the wisdom to become millionaires over night. I don’t know about you but I want to make sure I don’t waste my time In doing things that won’t bring me closer to success.

Although I am guilty, I have wasted my last 30 years striving and reading on success of other people and trying to break free myself from the 8 to 5 job, unfortunately without success because my works were done in vain. Now I’m here fully dependent on the Creator because I’m like a flower that’s here today and gone tomorrow and my life is a vapor that comes to nothing but eternal life is with Him that knew me before I was in my mother’s womb. The Master knows my end, and my glory and success is in Him.

How to become A Mystery

Inner feelings are most precious in your own heart but they are stepping stones to other people to reach your heart. The deepest feelings of your soul are the foundations that someone can build a prosperous garden of love or a slaughterhouse of pains.

In order to be a mystery, keep your feelings to yourself and save your soul from people who only want to exploit your feelings. Being a mystery is lonely and only a handful have the key to your heart. Mystery is like a dark cave for the outside world but a shelter for those that have the map of the inner depths.

A person of mystery doesn’t share their opinion although responds with action and movement. A person of mystery doesn’t gossip meanwhile gives glory to every man where it’s required. A person of mystery doesn’t boast of his/her strengths then again continues to show his/her strengths by example.

The Plans Of Your Heart And Living Rivers

The living rivers are manifestations of the Spirit of God living and residing in the Temple, which is your body. The “manifestations” are never the same because God is a creator and continues to do new things in the children of light. If God did the same manifestations, then the relationship with him would be a religious experience and not a walking journey birthed out of love and light.

So I say live your life to the fullest while keeping the mindful thoughts of the Master. We as human worry of making right or wrong decisions but if you’re a child of the Light, you have a hedge of protection which means you will probably make mistakes but your end is not damnation. So why fear the world while the Light within you has overcome the world?

Be bold and courageous!

The Dangers Of Boasting

Men if you only would humble yourself and not boast about your gains and success. Let me make it clear, God is not opposed to riches and glory in life, although once we as a man believe it is us that birthed riches and glory by our own hands, the wrath of God will surely be upon us!

Here’s my personal experience:

I like to workout, especially in the form of powerlifting. My whole life I have had great strength, above the human (man) average. Then pride came into my heart, I started to sin in my heart by questioning my ability. I boasted in my strength and provoked The Master, I questioned the reasons for my strength. There was no specific reason for my physical strength moreover my physical strength is a reflection of an attribute of my spiritual strength.

Many times, man boasts in himself and to the world because man doesn’t know that the Master is the one who gives good gifts (strength, power, riches, etc.) to his children. We truly are our own downfall, reasoning being we don’t know the spiritual keys or simply the laws of the Kingdom of God. Interestingly, after the Master humbles you, after someone boasts, the Master is always willing to accept back a humble heart. The Master is so good that He rather have you live, after you humble yourself, than to have a humbled heart have eternal damnation.

If you find yourself boasting a life, humble yourself. That which is risen, like self exaltation, must be brought down, into humbleness. That which is brought down, through humbleness, is exalted into heights that man can not reach by himself.

Light Bearers Are Disrespected

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The children of Light use to be feared because they were a force not to be messed with. Now, today, we are insulted in the public eye and mocked in mainstream media.

The house of God is disrespected, and is no longer a house of prayer. We are a mockery to the world because we dressed Gods’ mercy and kindness into a form of religion and have denied His power!

What’s supposed to be a house of prayers has now become a house of money hoarders and changers: Where merchandise is sold for gain, is a house without Gods presence. Even worse, idols are placed on high, cleansed, and taken care of more than needing children of God. Churches, at least in North America, are deceived to bend and twist into the pressures of political ideals of culture. The church at large has let the world in but the church has refused to go out into the world.

What will it take children of Light? What will it take to break free from the bondage of shame and guilt? What will take to have Gods presence and power in our churches?

Let us return back to Him, the Light of World. Let us turn our hearts towards His Heart. Let us dwell in Him so that He may also dwell in us, so that we may become one, just like the Son is one with the Father.

If you reside in Him and Him in you, then you are a Light bearer!