Fear Not Your Enemies

Enemies are the reflection of your good deeds and success. Enemies will shout the loudest and use vain words to try to make a point against their victim. Enemies will roar from a false stand point and declare your fall: “You are finished!”, “I will testify against you!”, “I will accuse you of what I saw!”, “Who will save you now?”. People whom are in opposition towards you can help you recognize the level of your growth, and they should not be feared although embraced with love accordingly.

The ethereal divine Spirit can not be seen with eyes of flesh or felt by physical touch, and ethereal divine Spirit can only being seen from within another spirit. Spirit to spirit is the communication. Many people refuse to see and are blinded and drunk from the vanity of this world. We that are spiritual being were made out of love, and there are certain attributes that can not exist or commingle with love, like: hate, accusations, pride, slander. The former, attributes, are the dangers while becoming someone’s enemy.

The great Spirit is like fiery shield to those people that stay in Love, and love their enemies instead of hating them. The great Spirit lifts people, whom are love, up high above all danger as they are being accused and slandered by their enemies. Someone whom is in the position of Love, simply cry out to the great Spirit and the great Spirit comes down from the highest of highest, from everlasting to everlasting, with shield and sword to defend his loving creation, from all enemies.

An enemy is always in a state of panic and anxiety because his time is short which is why he tries to be swift on taking out the innocent. On the contrary, the innocent is able to sleep in peace and in a state of serenity because he knows, in his heart, that a greater power is for him, and the Spirit is always watching over him. It may be one or one-hundred enemies, the number does not matter, the great Spirit will give the innocent victory over the enemies, no matter the situation because the innocents’ trust is in the immortal, ever living, Spirit.

Warning Against Evil Intentions And Returning To The Way

Why are you so angry? Why do you despise those that are more successful than you? Refrain from making evil plans against righteous people that live a successful simple life. Instead learn from them and you yourself raise to their level. Avoid snaring thoughts and speech. Evil people scheme and make plans to trap and confine people whose heart is upright and honest. Beware of this type of planning because there’s an unseen force in the air, that protects and guards hearts of righteousness, and that is nearly impossible to detect. Although an evil person may plan for an attack, it is foolish! Before the evil persons’ intention in his heart was born, the unseen force laid the trap for that evil person. Even worse is when two or more people scheme together, for the unseen power is much greater against them. All intentions are born from the heart, evil or good, so be righteous and don’t go against the righteous, the elect.

Remove yourself from anger, for you set own trap, instead align yourself with the divine law above man; treat others the way you would like to be treated, you reap what you sow.

We are all children of the Great Light, likewise there’s children by the evil generation from past ages. Even though we are children of the Great Light, refuse the temptations and vanity of the evil generations of past ages; the evil generation comes with many false powers and false signs of delusion to entrap the righteous.

When a righteous person sets his heart on the unseen force, with a complete heart, the unseen force is on his side as a great warrior ready to protect and defend him. Just as father will do anything for his children so will the unseen force of all creation, for all his children of light. Thus if you have strayed away from the Way, turn your hearts towards the unseen force, confess your ignorance and offenses in private, so that you may have right standing with the unseen force of all creation.

Declare your oneness with the Way, and you shall have peace, prosperity, and life on this world and on the next world. In contrast, with evil people the Way flares its anger towards them at every evil intention in their hearts. So be wise and proclaim life!

Good Advice VS. Bad Advice

A man is happier when he lives a simple life of his own choices, and avoids following the choices made by corrupt men. You need not to seek advise from men that flash and roar from their false success or glorious vanity. Remove your ears from the voices that scream “success is this way, success is that way, success is over there!”. My fellow brother, success is yours to choose, from own heart. Also, a man is moving forward and achieving success when he’s not hanging out with men that are constantly doing wrong activities. Men of wrong doers are constantly in trouble with the law, instead of being liberated and helping their brother, men of wrong doers are chained and locked up. Same thing with hecklers or mockers, they are in everybody’s business instead of their own. Poor souls, help and build up your brother with words of encouragement and inspirations.

It’s good to follow good advice, even if it is from a book, as long as it gives you peace in all your worldly activities. Look for a mentor in your lifetime, follow someone that has wisdom and knowledge about life and daily living. It’s easy to find a good mentor, look at his own life; what has the mentor achieved and where is going? Asking this, former, question will guide you into finding a good and correct mentor for you life. There might be days where you might need advice on a daily basis, or repeat consecutively the same advice to yourself daily until it becomes one with you, in your heart. Time is the price for anything to be known and become second nature in your being, even if its reoccurring advice you receive. Having good advice and good judgement by your own heart can set you free from bondage of bad men, in the world. A good heart trained by good morals and customs by love will liberate you from all evil doing, even from death. A good heart is life saving. Now this doesn’t mean you’re a weak man or not a tough man. A good heart represents your character to act with righteous authority and make strong decisions in your life.

Receiving and being open to good advice is like a being mountain that never fades or flinches at the lighting and thunder storm that passes upon it; A mountain that never bends or bows at the view of the water tides that crash into it because it’s foundation is unshakable. A heart with good advise is like a water well that everyone can come to and receive life giving water to quench many years of bad advise, a water well that can change broken hearts instantly.

On the other hand, men that live by bad advise are easily identified by their actions and daily living. They are seen and despised, their inner fire burns hot and instantly burns out until it is wax cold. The only reward for men with bad advice is living in the moment with their regrettable actions and a life of consequences. Accepting bad advice sets traps before you. Although good advice removes traps that have been set before.

Good advice watches over your decision in you daily living, and even when you sleep. The decisions you made in your life, by good advice, will pay off many times over because good advice is life giving, while bad advice is breath taking until death.

Pain, Consume It Or Consumed By It

Pain, physical or emotional, is a source of energy. Whether you consume pain for an outcome or it consumes you towards your destruction, is up to you. We all know what pain is, be it emotional, physical, or mental, at any level we all understand some sort of pain.

Pain can be used as a memory trigger to avoid or go forth with an action. Now, as an individual, we need distinguish which pain we allow to set in place in our being in order to assist us.

Pain can simply be the struggles of life. We all been there, where there was no job, when a spouse left, when the bills piled up, when a loved one passed to the next world. The bright side of the pain is that we can continue to move forward in life, along with wisdom and knowledge we accumulated through pain. Every time you experience pain, you’re usually fighting something whether you’re conscious of it or not, mostly you’re fighting without knowing it, unconsciously.

The truth is that we will never leave that the cycle of pain, although we can use at our own dispense. That’s where the concealed knowledge lies, between pain and motion, take action or remain still until death comes. Motion, moving, towards higher probabilities of life are achievable. Understanding that higher stages of life are possible, gets you more than half way there to achieve them. It just a matter of time catching up to your decision. Pain, only reminds you of your mortality, which is a beautiful thing. Now depending on people’s heart, it can make a difference on the type of decision that is made. Although your mortality is watched by unseen forces in the air, the unseen forces are baffled when you make decisions because your mortality is a gift of progression and power. We have the ability to make decisions, we have the ability of conscious thoughts, we have a the ability to love, we have the ability to alchemize!

Let us not waste this precious gift called pain. Use the pain!

Living For Glorious Moments

As much we desire to live high peaks of life, for longer times than mere moments. Life is a progress and it’s takes traction to reach high peak moments, in the early stages to gain momentum. We can live in high peak moments in intervals, every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you desire too. There are many different ways to reach these moments. You may create, on command, feelings of bliss by your emotions to recall moments of ecstasy to help you reach great moments in life; Or you can create events that give you these same feelings/emotions to reach the state in life that you desire. We are all so different yet the same.

In order to encounter awesome moments in your life, building and charging up for those moments are essential. what is it in your life, that you need to perform to experience sublime moments in your life? Is it writing 1,000 words each month, to complete a book at the end of the year? Is it eating the right way and exercising for 3 months, for a fit body? Is it working on your new business for 6 or 12 months to see any return on investments?

We all want glorious sensational moments in life, however almost no one, in the beginning, is willing to go through the trials and errors to get to those precious moments. The best part is that you don’t need to be a movie star, celebrity, or some mogul to experience high points in your life. We were all born with the same light within, given by our divine Creator, and it is up to us to release the light, that can gives us our hearts desires. Maybe we were not all born with the right circumstances, yet we were all born with the same breath of life given to us, and it is up to each individual to realize our their potential. Because no one will tell you your true potential, potential is drawn out from within, from the deepest and mysterious part of your being. Deeper than your body, mind, and soul. Deeper than your relationships, and deeper than your job, deeper than society. Let me go ahead and tell you where your potential is, it’s located within your being, it’s fluid, no chains can bind it, restrictions don’t exist for it. The Spirit is where potential lies and waits for it to be awakened and released into a world that’s need more individual that are willing to make history and not recreate it.

Where are the days of old
The flaming heat has gone cold
Again I must seek ethereal in quarry
And create new days of glory
Yes follow this nonmaterial ointment
Prepare today for the preeminence moment

Higher Growth Through Appreciation

In order to appreciate something, you need to appreciate it from a stand point of a higher or lower degree. For example, if a man lives a lavish life, he can appreciate his position by becoming aware that there’s other parts of the world, continent, country, state, or city where people live in conditions that no man should live from. The lavish man can appreciate his life style and become aware on how to help his fellow companion, called man. The opposite is also true, someone living in the slums can appreciate someone that lives a lavish style, because in his position he can achieve everything and lose nothing because there’s no truss to stop him, only the one he sets for himself. Start today to appreciate the things in your life, like your spouse, children, your career, your business, your siblings, parents, your neighbor. On the other hand, at times, physically positioning yourself in different areas can really make a difference, e.g.; standing on top of a mountain, walking through a trail in the forest, climbing a pyramid, or moving to a different area of living.

Appreciation is vital in order to achieve a state of humbleness, while it leads growth in life, spirituality, love, relationships, and income. Without appreciation, people lack the ability move forward and upward, and people tend to stay in the same place in areas of their life.

At times, in our lives, we need to humble ourselves to receive different perceptions in life, in order to get to higher degrees in life. Then again people who choose not to grow, expand, and continue moving tend to stay in the same places for decades, literally. People refusing to grow, stay in jobs for more than 10 years, they take the same route for work, they eat at the same restaurant , go to the same vacation spot, and remain with the same high school/college friends.

While an adolescent, I could not grasp why people whom graduated from high school would return back to the school and commune with students and old staff from the school district. This experience baffled me, I would tell myself, “Geez these people must of lost their glory as soon as they graduated from school, and are trying to relieve their greatest years in their life”. I also told myself that as soon as I graduated from high school I would leave, and I did just that, I left to a different state, thousands of miles away. This movement was one my greatest decisions I made in my life. When I moved I met many people from different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and moving opened my eyes to the greater possibilities a man can live on this earth.

Not Left Not Right, Go Straight

When you see no end, when you can’t see your goal on top of the mountain, keep moving forward. That’s your best shot to overcoming anything, keep moving and don’t stop! In order to go to the next level in life, you must elevate from distractions from the media, social trends, and toxic people because it only feeds your eyes and fleshy desires. By elevating you help yourself arise to higher states of consciousness. The greatest downfall an individual can make is follow what everybody else is doing, the individuals that follow social trends or media trends, eventually lead to problems of creativity, new ideas, new innovations, new technologies, etc. Don’t turn left towards the highway of death creativity and don’t turn right to the highway of bondage, although go straight to the narrow path to paradise created for you and by you.

Now, let’s look for a solution for this dilemma of the outside human system. What can we do? What can you do to detach yourself from the chains of lust, greed, covetousness, and hate.

  • First, acknowledge it for what it is, then make a shift in your decisions that you will no longer be persuaded by it
  • Instead you will build something in its place
  • Know yourself, who truly are you?
  • Look within for inspiration
    • What motivates you?
    • What inspires you?
    • What’s your real dream, and not the one they gave you
  • Read books that will challenge your thinking and beliefs

When will an individual really pursue his dreams in life, when will he manifest his desired life? I’ll tell you when, it’s when that individual is tired of all the downfalls he has had in life, it is when he is tired of all the disappointments from the advised he received from the family , media, and false religious sects that brought him down to nothing. He will change and pursue his dream when decides that enough is enough. This individual will no longer consume the media, social trends, mass hysteria, instead he will use it to better his life. Consumption is no longer an option, and creation is law, now in this individual life.

The journey towards freedom seems too far and too hard, henceforth as soon as you start the journey life will begin to unwind for the better, in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, the regret you will have will be, you wished you had started earlier.

Find The Mysteries

The world is a great place, and only those that get to understand its powers and nature force of all life forms will an individual get to experience life to the fullest. You see there’s many things that we don’t understand, and the only way to understand is by discovery.

Unfortunately the human systems, governments, schools, parents and friends, don’t have any clue how this world works; And we have been strayed by the all former. Fortunately, each individual has a choice, a choice to choose life and its riches and its glory. This planet has secretes, and we as spiritual beings have secretes, and the constellations have secretes, and its up to you to find these mysteries and apply them in your life.The way to find these mysteries is by, you got it, searching them because no one is going to hand them out to you. The only thing i can do an as a writer is to encourage you and motivate you to search and seek and grow as a human and spiritual being in this planet.

The following is a list of subjects that every individual should begin looking for and find how they operate, which lead to finding mysteries:

  • The mind
    • Conscious and Unconscious
  • The body
    • Nervous system
    • Body postures
  • The Soul
    • The 5 Senses
    • Beyond the 5 senses
  • The Spirit
    • The untapped potential
    • The oneness in all of us
  • Language
    • language patterns
    • Sounds
  • Imagination
    • How create images
    • How to create sounds
  • Hypnosis
    • Altered states

You may always go to the Buying Catalog of this site, view the books I have read and currently reading to start your journey on finding mysteries. Send me a message, whenever you may have any comments.

My heart screams for attention
My mind always has something to mention
My soul what other secretes are beyond my senses
My Spirit is ready at the threshold until it liberates

The human system is blinded and far from munificent
Answers of higher properties is the way of convalescent
High, low, crossing invisible lines through many histories
Find the mysteries

Extraordinary Gifts Meanwhile Living Your Destiny

Dreams of future events, one of many gifts, are inevitable once you start aligning with your destiny in life, along with other psychic like phenomena.

Many people seek for these gifts as if they were gained by practical steps which to some extent it may be done, although not as successful as with aligning with your destiny in life.

There’s countless books on psychic powers or abilities but the best way to learn these powers is by personal experiences from life events. Books refine your abilities but the biggest secrete of all is that you already have all gifts of the Spirit within you. The way I personally found my gifts, mainly discerning energy and manifesting dreams, is by living a life of altruism and helping others with their journey in life, together with aligning my life with my destiny; By being a person at the hilltop, with a torch in hand, and pointing to all those who see, towards the direction of Mind And Soul Freedom.

In this life, there’s a truth although the majority do not like, which is: Only the solitary will find the Truth and freedom in life. That being said, life is an individual journey, and it is only when you walk this road by yourself, will your special gifts and talents will unfold.

For many years, I never knew what my destiny in life would be. Then again, if you pay attention, to the divine nature of the supreme creator of all things, everything you ever need to know is right in front of you:

Come to know what is in front of you, and that which is hidden from you will become clear to you.

For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest.

The gospel of thomas

I had several experience of prophesies that changed my life style multiple times. To give you a more personal experience, for example, as a teenager I went to a religious event and a lady that I didn’t know came up to me and told me certain events that would take place in my life, meanwhile I didn’t think much of it at that times, little did I know that I was living the prophesy years later. It wasn’t until I had flashbacks of the prophesy that I realized that you have to acknowledge your destiny in order to manifest the gifts. Once you recognized your destiny, you don’t have to labor and toil for your extraordinary gifts, little by little will the gifts begin to manifest. Consequently life becomes richer, healthier, glories, and enjoyable.

Today not tomorrow, yesterday wast too late
Recognize your destiny now, before you abhor
The life that was given to you prior to innate
By the divine nature of the creator
Extraordinary gifts are manifest in serenity
Meanwhile living your destiny

Full And Complete Is Life To Those Who Let Go Of Strife

Are we not all the same? Are we not all with the same body, organs, and human race? Are not our blood the same color? You, your brother and sister, and your neighbor are the same. Judge not by goods and riches, or appearances, though judge by character, spirit, and wisdom.

As human beings, we are not so different by animals, we are territorial and fight for things that are not ours, like; another man’s/women’s spouse, the bosses’ job, the neighbor’s car, someone else’s fame, etc. But we’re better than savage animals, we have the ability to love and forgive, and build each other up, instead breaking ourselves down which is what the masses do.

Start today, forgive those that have hurt you, be kind, and love brothers, sisters, and your neighbors. Then move forward with your life and future. Let the past stay in the past and strive for the glories future, meanwhile enjoying the present. Life is a special thing, and it’s better to enjoy life rather than to waste it in grudges, stupidities, unforgiveness, revenge, and greediness.

Now, when I say forgive, forgive in your heart. When I say be kind, kindness with politeness, good gestures, kind words. When I say, let past stay in the past, remember the pasts’ lesson although don’t dwell in the past. When I say strive for the glories future, strive for the future with a positive attitude and practical actions that will open doors of opportunities. When I say love your brothers, sisters, and neighbor, love them with their best interest in mind and heart.

Love, overcomer of all
A wounded heart, will make you fall
Clemency, opens the windows of heaven
So forgive even if it’s seventy times seven
Past is past and over
Present is now and the future is closer
Full and complete is life
To those who let go of strife