The Few And Mighty

Where are the few and the tenacious people that know there’s more to life, more to their daily activities, more than their emotions and limited mindset.

The “few” have hope and believe that they can change their circumstances, although they may not know how. The “few” fear laziness and stupidity, the “few” understand that comfort and success are death traps to their continual growth. The fruits of the lazy person is argumentative and slothful. The automatic actions of the “few” are seers and perceive life with opportunity all over and around the world.

The Story of the Few And Mighty:

There was a son born from a family that been in the immigration farm work for three generations. The son was one of the “few”. The son had thoughts like, “why I was born into this family?”, “why am I judged for being a son of a farm workers?”, “who am I?” etc. The son had many questions that challenged his identity. The son grew up and saw many of his older cousins following the same footsteps of their parents, the older cousins became farm workers; identical to their parents the cousins became farm workers. The son refused to be like his parents. The son would dream of being someone great one day, but was always confused of the person who he would become. Although in his heart, a fiery sensation grew stronger and stronger, year by year, and the older he grew the stronger his feeling grew along with his confusion on exactly what he would become. One day the son had an experience, some might call it a “spiritual” experience, and the experience marked him for life. The mark in his life was so great that He (son) began to look into strange and fearful books to expand his mind, soul, and spirit. The son walked a lonely life along the lonely road in this life. The son no longer could talk to his kin because his kin were stuck in the cycle of laziness and stupidity by embracing comfort and a pinch of success; The results by talking to his kin would bring fear and hostility, the son’s wisdom and knowledge was falsely claimed as sorcery. The people around him, and those closes to him, could not understand him or his wisdom, the son understood that he was not from earth and neither was his wisdom.

When the son reached his early thirties, the son eyes became open and greater understanding was his gift. He perceived other people that were marked like him which is why he understood that him and the “few” are mighty and are chosen to change the world to higher prosperity and higher levels of love. The son understood that him and “few” are here on this planet to provide wisdom and knowledge for this generation and the next to come.

Someone does not choose to be one of the “few”, although someone knows he/she is one of the “few” and mighty.

Failure builds Character

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I just failed an exam for a third time, and I feel nothing. No emotions or hate. It’s a blissful feeling, after I have let out all my frustrations and turmoil after my two attempts of the exam I took, a requisite for a personal goal. Failure is no longer affecting me. I am at peace and will continue moving forward. Even when the people around you keep pointing the finger on you, telling you that they were right about your failure and unsuccessful attempts, all you can do is move past their negative accusations.

I’m in the edge of life, I can lose everything and yet I am still here writing, not giving a f#€¥ because writing gives me peace and it focuses my thoughts. Writing sharpens my awareness.

This failure has created some type of stoicism attitude. I feel nothing, I didn’t express my failure to anyone and I did not complain to anyone. It’s just me and my expanded awareness and I feel empowered. I feel empowered because I went through the process of studying and taking the exam, and that to me is success and a win on my list. What we call failure is nothing but an illusion, created by society and loved ones, and illusions can be deprived from their powers.

The Process of Success

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In my mind I’m already successful. In my mind I have already achieved everything that I have desired. I have made up in my mind that have traveled the world, and time is the only thing that’s between me and my achievements.

The probability of someone reading this blog is none although the process of me writing this blog is essential to my self prophecy as a world wide successful business man.

So why are you reading this in your mind to open the possibilities of other doors that are available from your unconscious mind.

Whatever your dream or goal is, continue to work on it for you never when fate will shine its light upon while being faithful to your dream or goal. My dream is to help people world wide to awake from their slumber and achieve greatness in their personal lives, careers, and businesses.

All the while, strive for success and riches for these things open doors and help you make better decisions in life. You will not see immediate manifestations of your dream and each day that passes is a day closer to your manifestation. So why give up? Why fold to the pressures of life? Keep moving and don’t look back.

Another important thing to build is your character. You’re character will hold you up when disaster and chaos surrounds you. You’re character will shield you from bullshit feelings of doubt and hate. Be of one mind and be firm in your decisions. Once you reach success, your character will be your validation of a true virtues man.

Unseen Forces

It’s in front of our faces and we feel it in our hearts, the unseen forces are all over. Just look at our features as a Man, look at the features of nature. It’s undeniable that an unseen God created all these manifestations.

Think of those things that are invincible, like, our thoughts, mind, words, the sounds we make, etc.

Then is this where we get hidden truths? The spirit within is our source of power. Our bodies draw its strength from the source, the spirit. So watch people, for example, how their energy levels are seen just by their way of talking or their physical posture. Only if they new the power they have within. Hope is within, power and night is within. Claim yours, say to yourself “I love you, your name, and I forgive you”. First heal yourself with love and forgiveness then state what you desire.

We are spirit; Our work, our actions, are feelings are all SPIRIT! Although most people don’t know how to be spirit being because they are too engraved to their physical life, carnal mind and body.

Stepping forward, to write, not just for me but for mankind. To open the hearts of man and help reach higher levels of life. Nothing is ever certain. Your actions and striving for emotions that are beyond human comprehension is predictable, and that’s all you need for a satisfied life.

End the striving for material goals and place yourself to help humanity as a whole and all the material things eventually manifest. We all want the good things of life because that’s what been programmed to achieve, we forget that we must help each other to reach the top, not by stepping over one another.

In order for a change in life, our hearts must open to the possibility of the unseen world, and how we can help from the unseen. How so? By taking action while believing it exist, and expecting help. Removing the belief that the end goal is materialistic achievements. We must go higher, our calling is much higher. What issues does mankind need help on? What new technology will uplift humanity? Etc. You see, we all have a great calling. As soon as you’re on your path, calling, the material things manifest automatically.

We can only work with our hearts towards God’s will and believe that God hears us. Our faith in our work for humanity is the faith of God. For our strength is not enough to change our life and we’ll being, we need divine help. With divine help all things are possible. Recognize your abilities and go forth in faith. Altruism is key in all endeavors. Altruism is the door for opportunities and the door to higher heights heights of love and prosperity.

When interacting with other souls, have sympathy and understand them, for you are connected with you gem in a way that is unseen. Fear not, for Love conquers all things. Love conquers trials and poverty. Although, poverty should not be familiar. For God wants all his children, of love and light, to prosper in all their ways.

Taking Action And The Ego

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Action, the only thing that change your circumstances, the breath to your business or career. Your physical body is the vehicle and your Spirit is the driver, and Action takes you to your destination.

They will be times that you will want to give up but don’t, take breaks as many as possible but never give up my friend. The stars are your inspiration, to inform you that there’s something bigger than yourself, and the world is a reflection of your personal world, just like the stars are a reflection of themselves.

Just like in nature and all the unseen powers, they are different levels and different types of authorities. Where do you stand? Get back in touch with your Divine position and authority, and rise to greater experiences.

There’s peace in your heart and mind when you’re in your right path. There’s nothing that can phase you or make you have double mind.

There’s a false sense of security when you achieve a little success and it must be quenched at all cost. It blinds the ego to believe that success lasts forever, which is false. It blinds the ego to believe that power lasts a life time.

Believes are like four corner frames that your ego stays within without stepping out the boundaries of the frame. Don’t be fooled by beauty or riches. Go beyond the physical senses and perceive with the Spirit. You perceive the words and actions of yourself and of others. Don’t make a judgement call by exterior images.

The Greatest Phenomenon

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When you’re desperate, when you hit rock bottom, and continue to take action, the craziest phenomenon happens. The source of your power is accessible. This phenomenon doesn’t happen by sitting around or wasting your time. It’s birthed when you’re striving for greatness even if you don’t see changes in your physical life. Although, you’re building up some electrical form within the unseen. When this electrical form has matured, the same actions you have been taking start to manifest greatness.

This is what people call Luck: though it’s your mind, heart, and Spirit that become one with the Divine, and a powerful phenomenon is birthed.

You don’t ask for it. You don’t pray for it. It’s expressed through your actions, and the world bends and reacts due to your cause.

Although always keep on eye on your ego. Egos will be blinded by materialistic things, flattery, and a sense of safety. It’s vital to see the world as it is. The world is cruel and the its nature is vicious. Beware of the high that you get after you achieved a little success, it stunts you from moving forward and getting to your next glory. This “moment” can be deceiving, it’s a comfort that must be controlled and watched at all times.

You either stand still and waste the limited borrowed time on Earth or you use this time to live the best life and help others along the way. So get up and run your race of life, God speed!

Check out “The 48 Laws of Power” By Robert Greene. This book helped me understand the unwritten rules that world uses. Click on the image below, to get a copy.

The Lonely Road

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Run the opposite direction, don’t follow the masses. Keep pushing and keep moving towards your dream with your whole being. Give it your all, make your space submit to your will. If you’re going to work, work towards your dreams. Create a new path to your success! Why rerun to the path of someone else? It’s better to create your own kingdom than to imitate someone else’s.

Overwhelm yourself with work in regards to your destiny. Excite your days with constructive actions to build a new path of success. Energize your hands with movements that chisel your craft. Man and Woman wake up, take hold of your mind, body, and soul and launch into greatness.

Push through your negative emotions with positive actions. If it’s writing keep writing. If running keep running, etc. At times the only thing that will be willing to be a friend is the process it takes to achieve your dreams. Success is lonely road. Friends and family only support you when you’re succeeding and criticize you when you’re failing. Friends and family are allies when the planets are aligned and the worst foes when seeking help.

I’ll repeat it once more, success and greatness is a lonely road. The people watching you take the narrow path to success will charge you with words of despair and hopelessness because the narrow road is for people on TV and the characters in books. Sanity is striving towards your dream/destiny. Insanity is refusing to work on your dreams. You’ll notice, if you pay close attention, who has a sounded mind and who doesn’t.

One of the best books I have ever read on self-mastery is “Mastery” by Robert Greene. Check it out by clicking on the following image.

Zombies Walk Daily

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Go to any business, walk in, and notice the avatars that are emotionless. In their uniforms, killing time, waiting for the clock to tell them to go home. I was once a zombie, clocking in and clocking out, and reporting to my superior whom was under the same time laws ordained by the clock.

People who are working on their dreams, I have noticed, are living enthusiastically, more likely to be friendly, and happier. Why? Because they’re not living within the same boundaries or paradigm as is someone that is not striving towards theirs dreams and destiny.

Beware of their vicious virus: laziness and slothfulness. It is contiguous and deadly to your dreams. Instead come to know people who are actively striving to become better at their craft, their business, their trade, etc.

Sometimes you have no one in common that relates to your abilities or passion. Your only resort may be to study people, through books, that have achieved greatness through similar lines of your passions.

Despair not, although you might be working in some worthless job, have hope. Expand and pull yourself into actions that will open up new realities. People that are willing to go through the pains of learning and setbacks of life increase their pontential drastically, and magically Luck comes into play.

There’s nothing else that makes me happier than writing. Writing is an out of this world experience, for me, and it’s important that you find yours. Sadly the majority would rather have their eyes shut, stay asleep, and walk like zombies. The grave is not where you will find zombies, zombies walk day and night refusing to walk out their destiny.

Check out the “Obstacle is The Way: The Timeless Turning Trails Into Triumph”.

This book helped me through many trails in my life. To put it in Marcus Aurelius words, “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way“.