Mind And Soul Freedom

Set yourself free in Mind and Soul and experience more in life. Mind And Soul Freedom is a blog were you may practice and learn to expand your morals and virtues. Feel free to express what works best for you and share your ideas of the Mind and Soul. Learn and pass it on. Practice and share your experience.


Yesterday, tomorrow, or today we have all looked for answers, the answer we seek is always related to spirituality, power, riches, fame, and glory. Although we look outside of ourselves for answers, the answer have always been inside, as all philosophers, gurus, spiritual doctors, and holy men have mentioned.

Read and comment on parables, failure, wisdom, challenges, daily living, thoughts, etc. New post are posted almost daily. Share them, use them for your own social media posts, comments, blogs, or websites.

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About Lux Ignus

I’m an individual whom has had, what some people may call “spiritual experiences” from a young age. From self prophesied dreams, altering life events, to speaking a word and the word manifesting. I’m here, not as a guide and not as a guru but, as a regular simple person to shed some light in the world. The True Light that places the Word in our hearts and gives light to our feet. The burdens of life don’t have to be heavy, and I hope this blog is as an ointment to lift some of your hardships and make life a little easier.

A Master, The Master, One Master

I have come to terms that everything I have is by the grace of the Power within. Everything I have achieved, everything I have gained, in reality everything that has been given to me is by the goodness and kindness of the heavenly substance which is within the human soul. I have no wisdom and knowledge, only what is given to me by the Master.

It’s not my success but the success of Spirit. It’s not my glory but the Spirit’s glory. Since a young age, I have seen and heard His word. I seen his works and miracles before my eyes. I live by his Word and His commandments. Sadly, my eyes have also seen a false light that requires much repetitive utterances of words, signs and wonders of illusions, rituals that have no end, positions of the body to invoke tarnished spirits that have limited powers. Fortunately, the Masters’ way is simple and free, unfortunately mans’ heart is deceived to follow the patterns of the world. So explore Mind And Soul Freedom, where destiny and purpose meet.